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Access PowerTools project was initially created as a sample MS Visual Studio 2008 MS Access COM Add-In project to try & test different features of Add-in Express™ 2009 for Microsoft® Office and .NET such as:
  • Having one setup kit used to distrubute MS Access .NET Framework based COM Add-In for different target MS Access versions 2000 - 2010;
  • Click-once Add-In setup;
  • WYSIWYG design time development of host MS Access application CommandBars and Ribbons etc.

Current development come true thanks to active discussion in AccessD community, and especially thanks to support from Max Wanadoo and William Hindman. Max posted sample code called 'EatBloat' used as a base of the first version of Access PowerTools Add-In Community Edition functionality, and William promised to stress-test add-in in his spare time...

Mission Statement

Access PowerTools project is aimed at R&D of modern development technologies, techniques and methologies, applied to provide MS Access and .NET Framework developers with a dynamically expandable MS Access COM Add-In setup for everybody to use and augment this deployed setup with their own plug-ins.

  • v.0.0.1 - Develop initial source code using Test-Driven Development (TDD) agile approach, use Abstraction Layer and Automation to keep development & testing outside of online debugging sessions - prepare and run all tests only within nUint GUI, release version code and executables to public for code reviewing and testing of Add-In setup with different MS Access and MS Windows versions ( Released Feb 16 2010);
  • v.0.0.2 - Collect feedback, make bug fixes, implement a few new features based on feedback proposals ( Release planned for March 2010 );
  • v.0.0.3 - Implement framework to dynamically on runtime load plug-ins implementing different application functionality. Release add-in with dynamic framework setup to public ( Release planned for April 2010 );

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